Ultimate Dlcd Boot 2014 V3

Is there some kind of update/patch to apply to the cd image to be able to boot without BIOS, but the CD does not support booting on UEFI/EFI/SecureBoot hardware, however it's not that easy as you can only do that with UEFI-enabled ISO's. Alguien puede ayudarme porfavorme sale error al descomprimir y ya le puse la contraseña subanlo x MegaEcelente tenia la version mas lite y mas antigua para CD con esta sera mucho mejor graciasGracias por el aporte y la dedicación. Al descomprimirlo me marca que el volumen esta dañado.

Como sugerencia ¿se también podría utilizar Torrent como otro modo de descarga. Efi is not an UEFI signed application then forget about the SecureBoot scenario. Efi (as the rest of EFI boot managers) can only boot kernels that were built with certain EFI parameters turned ON i. Efi) you will face at least 7 problems when upgrading your Hiren's CD to Syslinux 6. This is why I am asking the question - is there any way to make ourselves / copy another bootloader into HIREN and make it work. (By putting some files in the iso image. Even when Hiren's uses Syslinux and it is true Syslinux 6. SaludosPara correrlo en un usb se puede hacer con rufus y además él mismo te detecta problemas con el grub y te baja uno apropiado y bootea perfectamente 58. By UEFI enabled ISO's I mean that the ISO files contain a BOOT\EFI directory with a EFI bootloader. Can I make this myself. 58 now supports UEFI (syslinux. Hiren does not have this so the tools will not work. )There are many suggestion to use tools which make an ISO bootable with UEFI on a flash disk, i am a long term user of.