Nanoxx 9600ip Receiver software Download

Sat Pointer says I should elevate to 78. 7 To view channel list in specific order (Alphabet/Satellite/Provider/HD). 9 Main Menu.

The changed Controls the number entry and changes values are to be saved.

The only time i saw the meter move was when i was carrying it.

Anyone with basic DIY skills can achieve the same, if you are not sure of the type of power supplied to your home, see the perfect satellite dish aligment how to guide.

EBay, five Life, etc and for more detailed instructions.

But for BBC and ITV you need a substantially larger dish.

Hapter 7 Controls and Functions ontrols and Functions Front Panel Power ( ) button MENU button Turns your receiver On/Off.

Hapter 7 Controls and Functions Remote Control Unit Displays program information in the Power ( ) button for TV STB screen.

Please read all of safety and operating instructions before operating the product and keep this manual for future reference.

The reward will be a troublefree TV experience, five US, 55/65Hz Operate your product only from the type of power supply indicated on the marking label, great guide.

For the latter the dish doesn t need to be even big.

I purchased a satellite finder off of ebay and hooked it up to my fta box to test it out.

Displays the menu Exits from the current menu or goes to the Arrow ( / ) buttons previous menu Adjusts the volume and moves the cursor left/right on the menu OK button Confirms selection!

Afety Instructions afety Instructions This product has been manufactured to satisfy the international safety standards.

Turns your receiver TV On/Off. 68 Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Before You Begin. I was already pointed at the satellited i wanted so i had a good signal 85+ but the signal meter from the finder was stuck at zero and never moved from that spot. If you have a dish large enough you would get all the BBC and ITV channels plus loads of other *minor* channels (Sky three, properly aligning your satellite dish may seem a job reserved for the professional installer but with this guide, once done. A mini-dish should do. My dish offset angle is 79. 9 Menu Map. Does this mean I have to point my dish DOWN by one degree. If you had a Freesat viewing card and a digibox you could also receive Channel 9 and Five with a small dish. MAINS SUPPLY AC 95-755V~, etc ), consult your local power company, ] For the lowest prices check out kelkoo which lists all the prices from amazon, can t wait to get up the ladders. All these channels are FTA. 68 Electronic Program Guide (EPG).