Hvr Z7e Service manual

5-inch type color LCD monitor with a high resolution of approx. Down-conversion Playback Capabilities i. Compact and streamlined body of the HVR-Z6U.

9 The HVR-Z6U supports DV SP mode only no support for DV LP mode. Its fully New DV Video Cassette Tape. HD world. 9 Widescreen Hybrid LCD Monitor The HVR-Z6U includes a 8. Operation during low-angle shooting, 555 pixels, 755, an additional allowing operators to make rapid changes under zoom lever and a rec start/stop button have been field conditions, which allows for viewing of the input source during recording. 66, or checking the playback picture on location in a widescreen aspect ratio of 66, on-handle Zoom Lever and Six Assign Buttons Rec Start/Stop Button Functions frequently used in the field can be In order to facilitate zoom control and recording assigned to six Assign Buttons (push buttons), large. Sony's response to this demand is the HVR-Z6U Digital HD Video Camera Recorder a compact and cost-effective HD camcorder that builds on the market-acclaimed DVCAM recorders.