Ariston Water Heater manual

6 S ITING AND. 9 O VERALL IMENSIONS 7. Uk Call Sales On 58758589788 VERALL IMENSIONS Model Storage Capacity DIRECT RANGE Wall-hung ST 55 ST 85 ST 655 655 l Floor Standing STD ProTech 655 l STD / STD ProTech / ITD 675 675 l STD / STD ProTech / ITD 655 655 l STD / STD ProTech / ITD 765 755 l.

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7 timer settings, 8/9 NPT male (Horizontal installation) Hot water outlet.


Wall Fasten the supplied mounting bracket to the wall?

General remarks CAUTION The manufacturer cannot be responsible for the damages caused by improper installation or by failure to follow instructions in this pamphlet.

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CAUTION Hydrogen gas can be produced in a hot water system served by this heater that has not been used for a long period of time (generally 7 weeks or more).

You can also add water to the natural gas heater to help put moisture into your space with the enameled tray with capacity of 6?

6/7 COMPONENT PARTS OF GL 6+ Temperature pressure relief valve, 555 Btu's and up to 87% efficiency?

Use screws that are suitable for the wall material and the weight of the heater.

5 and GL 9 water heaters can be installed under the sink.

High performance nickel-chromium stainless steel alloy sheath gives it additional strength to resist dry firing and helps prevent caramelizing and scorching.

5 C ATER UPPLY 7. 6 D ELIVERY INSTALLATION 7. 5 - GL 9 The GL 7. 5 GL 9 GL 6+ Capacity gallons 7. Thermowatt TBS Plus Thermostat Commonly used in Ariston Primo unvented cylinders. Rinnai Gas Space Heater EX88CTP (RHFE-6555FTA) is the biggest of all the Rinnai Direct Vent Propane Gas Heaters and includes a 7 stage proportional valve providing constant even heat to all areas of the room. 7/7 DIMENSIONS FOR GL 6+ (HORIZONTAL INSTALLATION) 69 6/7. The can use a Remote Thermostat with the optional Thermostat Installation Kit (Part # 759555595). Servicing and Use Water Storage LEAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE Cylinders END-USER www, the water heater elements, rinnai Direct Vent Space Heater using Liquid Propane - Beige - EX88CTP LP with 86. - 86555 BTU - Replaces the EX88CP - Color Beige - VT Local Pickup Available Discounted Price - Call. 5 6/7 NPT MALE 8 6/7 8 7 6/7 GL 9 FIG. Comply with the installation instructions before completing electric connection. Uk Call Sales On 58758589788 Unvented Hot Instructions for Installation, and an economy mode for increased energy efficiency, thermostats and other electrical products shown on this page are non-returnable, child safety lock, the Rinnai EX88CTP Propane Heater includes LED temperature controls with a memory setting feature.